MeDirect Bank is one of the largest banks in Malta, focusing on servicing the needs of its clients with advanced and easy-to-use digital banking solutions. Being Malta’s first digital bank, MeDirect gives you access to your accounts, anywhere and anytime. Behind every great investment or account opened, is a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals.

MeDirect has a dynamic workspace, is fast-paced with a relatively young workforce which offers a great environment for growth within the company. Through MeDirect and its challenging environment, continuous development, and training programs, we help our employees gain experience and knowledge. This is also thanks to the opportunity to work on different interesting projects.

When employees show their worth, together with the right attitude, career progression will surely knock on their door. Within the Bank, it is not uncommon for our employees to progress and there are a number of success stories. The Bank also offers its personnel plenty of opportunity to move laterally across departments, and this allows for individuals to grow their knowledge across different areas and departments. Working with MeDirect will take you places!

MeDirect is the future – this is due to its great innovation in digital banking, that is where the future is heading – and this is where MeDirect is! We are a leader in technology, meaning that our Digital and Tech departments work with multiple systems and on a multitude of projects to make sure that we are at the forefront of this new digital era.

With all these new and diverse technologies, one is surely going to grow and further cultivate their knowledge. Our online onboarding system, including our in-house online banking platform and mobile app, all systems have been developed by our employees, which makes us indeed proud and unique. The IT department is not the only team which makes up our fantastic workforce. As a bank we also have other departments which all contribute to making MeDirect a success story, including our Legal, Finance, Internal Audit, Risk, Operations and Compliance teams, not to mention our front office Retail and Corporate teams who offer personalised service to our customers on a daily basis.

How can you be part of such a striving and interesting environment? Having worked so hard to get into University is just the start to be able to achieve your career goal and succeed in your ambitions. The next step is to get yourself out there, and what better way to do this if not by getting an interview, and acing it!

To get that interview, make sure that your CV is up to scratch; that you start with and highlight your latest job/education, as well as include a small summary to describe yourself. Make your CV stand out through your creativity and innovation. Don’t be that standard CV! Always make sure you bring out your personal attributes, such as hobbies or any voluntary work you may have carried out– this would give you an edge. It is very important that you make sure that there are no spelling mistakes – first impressions count.

You have now grabbed their attention! Next comes the interview, and you really want to ace it! Make sure you are prepared and that you have researched the company. You must show that you are confident and believe that you are the right person for the job. Do however keep in mind that there is a difference between confidence and overconfidence – do not make that mistake. Know what you are talking about. Always highlight your strengths in relation to the job you are applying for, mention what you have learnt in your studies and how this can be implemented at the place of work. More importantly, always keep calm and always remain professional in front of your interviewees.

Everyone is on the lookout for that perfect job. A job which inspires and challenges you, but that also has a great dynamic work environment, friendly colleagues, and a sense of growth. If you are looking for that company which helps you achieve that career goal you have been aspiring for throughout your student life, then MeDirect is definitely one you should keep on your watchlist. We invite you to visit our website to find out about the number of opportunities we can offer you.

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