An interview may be daunting, but it’s the perfect opportunity to ask questions, learn more about the company and its culture, and showcase everything you have to offer. Deloitte has got you covered with tips on the perfect way to ace your interview.

Make an impact

Think about what impact you think you would make at Deloitte. We’ll focus on your values; what matters to you and how that fits in with us as a business. Speak to us what you are passionate about, your leadership qualities and your past experiences of collaborating with others and being part of a team.

Do your homework

Tell us what you like about Deloitte. Why do you want to work with us? How would you like to grow within Deloitte? Be sure to understand what are the types of services we offer. Who are our main competitors? Collect enough information so you’re able to talk about the firm or the company for a few minutes.

Tell us about yourself

Help us get to know you properly. At Deloitte we celebrate diversity and we believe our strength lies in our differences. We appreciate different perspectives and different problem-solving skills. So come prepared to talk about projects you’ve been involved in: any activities that took time and effort to achieve. This could be work you’re particularly proud of, or something you found challenging.

Ask questions

When you want to learn more about who we are and what we do, it lets us know you’re interested. Depending on what you ask, it may also prove you’ve done your homework. Before the interview, make a list of questions that you wish to answer and discuss them before the interview is over.

Be confident

Confidence in the business world is crucial and typically, an interview is a good measurement of how well you are able to work under pressure. Maintain an appropriate level of professionalism without being unapproachable. The best advice is to be the real you and let that come through in your interview. We’re looking for individuals who will thrive in our team-based environment. Be open about your expectations, concerns, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Get clarification

If you don’t understand a question, don’t hesitate, ask us to repeat it. You have a better shot at giving your best answer if you know exactly what we’re asking.

Sell yourself

Make sure you can speak confidently about any experiences you’ve had in the workplace and at university. Specific examples of how you’ve contributed to an organization or learned something exciting are of interest to us. We see potential in you, so be sure to sell yourself by promoting your skills and abilities. Some important skills that we look for include

  • Communication: You’ll be working in teams and communicating with clients regardless of which service line you join. We are looking for individuals who are expressive, clear and concise and have the ability to quickly form relationships with others in a variety of situations.
  • Achievement of goals:  The commitment and motivation to succeed and meet objectives, both personal and business-related, is highly important within the firm.
  • Commerical awareness: The ability to demonstrate an interest in business and knowledge of any current issues that may be impacting your chosen field.
  • Career motivation: We are looking for individuals who demonstrate knowledge of what a career in a professional services firm involves, particularly in your chosen field.
  • Planning and organisational skills: We are looking for individuals who take responsibility for the completion of tasks and ensure that detail is not overlooked when involved in a project.
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to change is hugely important in any organisation. This competency assesses an individual’s ability to be positive in the face of change and resourceful in responding to major changes.
  • Problem-solving: We are looking for individuals who can analyse, distil and solve practical problems, generate new ideas and make sound judgements in complex situations. We also look for individuals who can demonstrate examples of motivating others towards a particular course of action.

If you are reading through these tips and are making a mental note to prepare for your interview as above, you’re already on the right track. We look forward to meeting you.









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